Leah Hart's Heart Series

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There’s a first time for everything. First comes love, then comes first heartache, and everything in between. Having a CHANGE OF HEART, Leah Hart— an endearing, sheltered, twenty-year-old —learns the truth about a family secret, after her first-ever boyfriend’s betrayal. She travels over 2000 miles to start a new life, not only to find love again, but also to face a masked danger that has been hiding in plain sight.

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Years later, an emergency compels a much smarter and stronger Leah to leave the warm comforts of her North Carolina beach house to revisit the colder part of her past in Montana, where she battles her HEART’S DESIRE. An old flame ignites, and she is thrown into a corrupt blackmail scheme, forcing her to make decisions she never thought she’d have to make.

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Back safe on the seashore, it all comes down to the HEART OF THE MATTER, when Leah’s suddenly torn between two loves, while wanting to forget a recent moment of weakness.

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There’s a difference between moving on and letting go, and after a near tragedy, Leah's HALFHEARTED, trying to do both.

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But in the end, it takes one last earthshattering act-of-love to motivate Leah to finally live WITH AN OPEN HEART.

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