Leah Hart's Heart Series

Change of Heart: BOOK ONE

There's a first time for everything.

First comes love, then comes first heartache.​

Endearing Leah Hart is twenty years old and starting college. Naïve, to say the least, when it comes to most things—especially affairs of the heart—she yearns for something more than the life her parents have chosen. Maybe the familiar face of rich, cocky, and sexy Austin Morgan could change everything. But when her trust is betrayed after a lingering family secret is exposed, without warning Leah packs her bags and takes off all on her own to trade Montana mountains for North Carolina sandcastles.

Ready for a fresh start, she claims the beachfront house that her recently passed grandmother willed to her. Then, thanks to a sassy southern-bell named Minnie pushing her to let loose, Leah catches the eye of dimpled nice-guy, Ethan Williamson, a law student deadest on justice. But this warm, sunny, tourist town harbors more than new beginnings. An unexpected danger is stalking the shore. If love and life prevail, things will never be the same as Leah ultimately finds out when she must revisit what she left behind over two years earlier.

Where will Leah Hart’s heart take her next?

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Heart's Desire: BOOK TWO

You might forgive, but you can't forget.

It’s been over two years since the once timid and naïve Leah Hart up and left after her heart was broken, not only by her first ever boyfriend but also her parents when a long-kept family secret was revealed. Because of her father’s emergency open heart surgery, she’s back in Montana; this time with her newly-named Assistant District Attorney boyfriend, Ethan Williamson, who soon leaves her behind to deal with his own haunting issues on the seashores of North Carolina, hoping to at last resolve his father’s murder.

As if the random bar tiff the night before wasn’t enough, a record snowstorm and some car trouble force Leah and her daring, scruffy-faced ex, Austin Morgan—cocky millionaire with a playboy reputation—to finally come to terms with each other while stuck in an old secluded cabin. Their supposed involvement throws her smack-dab in the middle of a nasty blackmail scheme that suddenly and powerfully dissuades her from returning home. Plus, an unexpected visit doesn’t help things, sparking a complicated love triangle.

When it’s all said and done, being threatened to stay is one thing; being tempted to stay is another.

Where will Leah Hart’s heart take her next?

Heart of the Matter: BOOK THREE

Betrayal comes in many forms, so does love.

Growing up a lot in the last couple years—especially in the recent few weeks after an urgent trip back to Big Sky, Montana—Leah now has a huge decision to make in more ways than one. A question is left blowing in the breeze, and the answer could be a means to an end or just the beginning.

Her ever-serious boyfriend, Ethan, an Assistant District Attorney, is still immersed in a self-fueled investigation. But this time, he’s not the only one being put in harm’s way. All the while with her feisty best friend, Minnie, by her side, Leah consistently faces her rising problems head-on as she’s torn between two loves. Then, when senseless treachery tries to rip apart her whole world, she may never be the same.

Where will Leah Hart’s heart take her next?

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Halfhearted: BOOK FOUR

There's a difference between moving on and letting go.

Stricken with loss, Leah is still full of regret and guilt, unable to shake what happen last year that life-changing day when her world came crashing down right there in her beach house living room. Anxiety, depression, and trying to please everyone aren’t exactly the best ways of coping, either, as the demands of family and friends, even her fiancé, Ethan—who always seems to have his own agenda—are proving to be too much.

Under a warm, starry Montana sky, a moment of weakness humbles her, while another surprisingly conquers an old troublesome matter. Shining light on the missing pieces of her life ultimately renews her love and at the same time casts a temporary shadow on the future.

Before, she thought it was the end—and it was in a lot of ways—so when an earth-shattering act of love gives her one last chance to choose, she takes it and runs with it.

Where will Leah Hart’s heart take her next?

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